Last night N fell asleep in my arms after eating.

He snuggled up against me in my bed and I prayed I could just fall asleep and not have to move him.

Because oh man.

Those moments.



I prayed. I thanked God for my boy. And dear Jesus please just make time stand still for a little bit. Don't let my boy grow up just yet.

It's times like these having "moving forward" as a family value are the hardest. I don't really want time to stand still... I want my boy to grow as he should, to develop and to become the man God created him to be.

Growth, change, moving forward are healthy and I want nothing less for that boy.

Yet my heart aches.

I kiss his head and take him to his bed.

Thank you, Jesus, for today, for sweet snuggles.

And thank you for tomorrow and the next day.