It's May 18th and I think I've seen a whole foot of snow today. Ugh. Snow is not my favorite.

I'm only halfway through our Whole30 day today, but I'm seriously ready to eat some carbs right now.

I'm getting to that, "If I have to eat more meat and veggies, then maybe I'm not hungry at all." point. Le sigh...

I will say that our food has been outrageously delicious. And I realized I need to start taking some sick pictures of my food, because food blogs without pictures are just... meh.

Last night we had salt and peppered grilled steaks with such an assortment of veggies I was in heaven. Green beans, brussels, carrots, all garlic-ed up and fantastic. Brussels Sprouts out of the oven with a tad bit of salt and garlic and burned just a tad... they're one thing I think I could eat all day and not get tired of. 

Unfortunately, I eat them fast and they all disappear. I took the last serving last night and everyone shrieked, "But Victoria's not home yet! She still has to eat!" And I shrugged, "She'll never know what she missed if I finish them before she gets here!"

I did have an interview a couple of days ago and cheated. Yep, day 2 and I'd already cheated. I was feeling pretty weak--most likely a carb withdrawal--and wanted to be at my best for the interview. But then I had a migraine the rest of the day. Poop. It was miserable.

One thing I will say is that, right now at least, eggs are my best friends. There are so many ways to eat them: fried (my tried and true), scrambled, and now I'm eating them hard boiled on my salads. 

I love eggs.