Four weeks before our due date we thought I was going to be induced because of preeclampsia.

We were so unprepared.

We threw a hospital bag together that weekend and waited for test results on Monday. When they came back with good news we decided to pack a REAL bag.

I bought a fuzzy new robe and slippers to walk the halls during my estimated 14 hour labor, I got an oil diffuser to keep it from smelling like hospital and making me want to puke, J even made me a playlist for calm inspiration and we got a Bluetooth speaker to go with it. I had a book and enough snacks to keep J from getting "hangry" while he waited.

We were so prepared. 

Then the day came.

My contractions started at 11:30 PM November 15th. The baby was due the 17th and it was my first delivery. I thought for sure this was a false alarm. I thought I still had a week to go.

AT 1:30 my contractions jumped from six minutes apart to TWO minutes and we started the scramble to get out the door. 


I was convinced they would send us home ... until my water broke at 2:15. Five minutes from the hospital.

When I finally got checked in and got a nurse I was 9 centimeters . I was begging for an epidural. The nurse looked at me and said, "Hmm... We'll see."

There was supposed to be time! Yes...I said I wanted to go natural, but I also said I'd just go with the flow and if I changed my mind... "I changed my mind people. I want an epidural!"

They rushed me from a labor room to a delivery room as soon as they realized how far along I was. J was right beside me, reminding me to breathe--it's a lot harder to remember than you'd think. He asked if I needed anything.

"Ice chips?" There were supposed to be ice chips. He looked at me a little perplexed. "No." I responded to his look. "You don't go anywhere. Can someone else get me ice chips?" I begged for anyone in the room who could hear me.

The nurse was getting me ready for my IV and I asked her to wait for this next contraction. She obliged and said we'd need to move fast after it. She was right. She popped the IV in quickly. The label on the IV said 3 AM.

All of a sudden I realized the pain had shifted.

"I think it's time." I told the head nurse.

"To push?" She seemed doubtful.

"Is that what I do next?"

"When your next contraction starts, tuck your chin and push. We'll see if you're ready."

Luckily the doctor happened to have checked on me then because a push and a half later our child entered the world at 3:10 AM.

"Is it a boy or a girl?!" I asked as soon as I could see the child in the air.

The doctor smiled.

"It's a boy."




So that's how it happened.

I'm not sure if you caught it or not, but there were about zero seconds that I listened to the playlist James made on the Bluetooth speaker we bought. Zero steps I took in my bathrobe and slippers. Zero sniffs of the oil diffuser. Most shockingly, J didn't even eat a single snack.

The entire duffel bag we brought for my estimated 14 hours of laboring intensely wasn't even opened.

If you're wondering what I'll be bringing next time? Hopefully only a magazine.

Hopefully, I'll be induced a week before my due date, so that I don't deliver in a car. And I'll have an epidural. Those three hours of labor will be leisure and I'll sip a virgin mimosa while catching up on the latest celebrity gossip in the wee hours of the morning.


the Hagens 

(And in case you're looking for real advice on what to pack or not, these are the lists that I gleaned from: