These days I spend so many moments hoping for baby movements. 

Everything around me freezes while I watch or poke or press my tummy. It doesn't matter what else I'm doing. Which gets really scary for everyone else on the road... Ok, I'm not really that bad.

But, has anyone else seen this irony?
How much of their lives do parents try to get their children to "just sit still"?

When I eat pickles and the baby moves I say, the baby likes pickles

When grandma calls and the baby moves I say, the baby likes grandma

Photo credit: Julija Rauluševičiūtė, Creative Commons

Photo credit: Julija Rauluševičiūtė, Creative Commons

But when the baby is born I strap the baby into car seats, swings, high chairs and baby wraps and hope baby "settles" down. Which means "is still". 

I'm an insomniac right now so yes, I get it. I know I'm not prepared for how active kids are and I expect I don't know how tired I'll be because of all the movement coming in my future. But what if the activity means healthy? What if my exhaustion means happy child? If this baby "settled down" inside me now, I'd be terrified. The activity now signals all good things.

My dad always says,

"I don't mind getting old, it's better than the alternative. It means I'm not dead." 

I heard someone say he was learning to embrace the mess and dirt in his life, (which inspired this blog...) 'cause it meant he had kids who were living

I love it. 

Each moment I enjoy feeling baby move I remind myself to enjoy it after the pregnancy too. This baby is healthy and living. 

I can be tired another day for that.