Welcome to the new "the Story of Hagens"!
You guys. Seriously. I'm so excited to finally share the work I've been putting into this site with you!
I know it's time for another update on our lives, but because I've added some new friends (insert shout out to my On Eating Elephants followers here!) to this list I want to start fresh and tell you a little about who we are, where we are and how we got here.

So I'll start by introducing us.

Hi. We're the Hagens.

Our newest family member is Penelope. She loves to cuddle and run around the house. Especially if there's a laser pointer to chase. Penny's nothin but a hound dog and she's never met a human she didn't like. A pointer-boxer mix with the saddest hound puppy eyes and the prettiest coat this side of the Mississippi. And that's where she's from. We rescued her, but she reminds us everyday what life is really about: forgiveness, love, food and play.

James is a dream. A dream boat, a life dreamer, and he's usually in a day dream. J is unique. No for serious. I'm not just saying that cause he's mine. He's the only person I know who has ZERO aspirations to be like someone else. He's the only musician/guitarist in the world who would get disappointed when someone says, "You remind me of John Mayer." He says, "I just want to be James Hagen." And he is. His sense of humor is his own, which means until you get to know him you might not think he's funny, but he's hilarious. And his dreams and plans for life are both super specific and polar-opposites. Basically in James plans, we live on a luxury-farm. Our kids will milk goats, collect chicken eggs (clean up from all that entails) then sit down to play the grand piano in our great hall, singing in latin, then face-timing with their turkish pen-pals they met on our travels.

Speaking of our kids... well, more on that soon enough. So far all I know is that it's an active little goober!

The little monkey says, "Peace, momma and papa!"

The little monkey says, "Peace, momma and papa!"

I'm Malia and I'll be doing most of the talking here. That's because I'm slightly extroverted and my husband is all but completely introverted. I won't go into much detail here because I'll have to keep your attention through the course of this blog. I was born for the ocean, for connecting with the people around me and for hours of uninterrupted coffee and writing. I'm terrified of being alone and rejected. I'm not always good at relationships, sometimes I'm missing a thing called tact and it leaves me... well... alone and rejected. But I also value honesty and if you honestly want to know and I honestly have an opinion, I'll tell you honestly. I've always wanted to help people make the most of their lives and I'm figuring out the best way I can do that is by making the most of mine and leaving yours alone. (This is also because it's hard to help people when you're depressed with PTSD--yep, that's me--unless you actually learn how to deal with your junk.) So, that's why I write, I do it for me. I love you, but I do it for me. If it helps you, then more power to it!

Once again, I'm glad you're all here at the new Story of Hagens. There will be laughing, crying, fear, adventure, boredom, joy, and always a new adventure.

I'll continue to share small things I'm learning to achieve goals and dreams here, and I'll be sharing more about day to day, real, life in the Hagen home.

You're welcome to our home anytime.