We went to a wedding last month. 

It was one of the most relaxed, beautiful, real weddings I've been to.

I felt beautiful, too. My hair was cooperating, I wore a new dress that I loved and even flattered me with growing tummy. I looked pretty normal, but if I wanted, I could show off my little 16-week baby bump. I was in heels and my make-up was even just right.

J looked good too. Crisp white shirt with a bow tie at his neck. Perfect amout of stubble on his handsome face. Rawr.

I'd love to prove to you how beautiful the wedding was and show you my little baby bump, but I don't have a single picture from the entire evening, I didn't even have my phone on me once that night if I'd wanted a photo. 

But I'm totally okay with that.

It actually feels really nice. 

The entire night I was with people. Completely engaged. I can't prove it. I can't show you how exciting the dance floor was or how beautiful my friends are or how much fun we had. 

But I cherish those moments. They're in my heart. 

I don't usually post a blog with no photos, but it seems fitting that I NOT include any. 

What moments are you breathing in?

I'm trying not to be quite so photo obsessed these days. For me it's kind of like living in the future. Trying to collect the moment I'm currently living,

Instead of living it.

I'll still take photos and I'll still share them, but it was an eye opener for me not to let my camera/phone get between me and my life.

There are moments out there waiting to be treasured.