I've been scouring the web lately. Looking for encouragement, looking for advice, looking at people's lifestyles, I think I'm trying to find my guide.

You know, a Yoda, a Haymitch, a Grandmother Willow. Someone who's gone before, beaten the odds and accomplished what they set out for.

Surprisingly, instead I keep finding reasons to quit.

I thought I had something to offer the world and then I found Yoda and said, "The world already has you. I guess they don't need me."

Photo by Lord Mariser

Photo by Lord Mariser


A more personal example is this: I have these ideas stewing around in my brain and maybe I start jotting them down, or maybe I start testing them out with J or with friends and then, BAM! One of my favorite writers or speakers comes out and says EXACTLY what I've been wanting to say. And... they said it better.

There are so many great writers out there. They're communicating what I want to, they're living the lives I want to with the furniture I want and the pets I want and relationships I want and I go, "I want to be JUST like you!" But there this saying:

 If you both are exactly the same, one of you is unnecessary.

 So then I think I'm the unnecessary one, because people are already listening to my hero. He already has my audience.

First, now I'm wondering what my hero is thinking.  "Am I the only one out there willing to encourage others? Am I alone in this fight? Won't someone stand with me?"

The other thing is... I can never be exactly the same as anyone else. It's actually ridiculous to think I am. It's also ridiculous to try.

No matter how hard I try to be my hero, I won't be. I'll be different. We'll disagree on something. I won't have the same lifestyle, because I don't like snow and I'm not into sports. I'm going to be different. I'm going to be ME, no matter how hard I try to be someone else I will always live in a different house, possibly a different city and definitely be married to someone else.

Which is why I'm here at this blog. I'm standing together with those who've gone before and embracing myself as much as I can.

Because I'm different. My voice is different. I have something to share.

Is there something or someone that causes you to think you're voice is unnecessary? What has helped you realize you're unique and you still have something to offer?