The NEON run was a huge success. Not only did I RUN it--without stopping except a half a second to throw away my cup of water at the halfway point--I also beat my best pace. Those were my two goals. Crushed.

Here's what you've all been waiting for... really dark blurry photos.

The Finish Line!

The Finish Line!



Now what am I up to, you ask?

Nothing. I set up my training for my half marathon and ... it said I would start on May 20. So I haven't run. I've been working on getting a running buddy (a small four legged friend) but keep hitting roadblocks and now I'm using that as an excuse not to run.

I think I've figured out what I've been doing wrong the last three weeks... I think I forgot that to go from 3.1 miles to 13.1 miles is still a pretty big jump in my head. Even though I know it's possible, it's still a long way!

I just looked at my goals list and I think it may have saved my new running habit. I had already crossed off running three miles, but my next goal is 6.2...NOT 13.1!

I thought: I can run a 10K.

I can! I can hit my next goal!

July fourth there is a 10K that runs around Miramar Lake and I think it sounds really fun. I think I'm going to sign up and I better as heck start running to get ready for it!

Way to go, Rufina!

Way to go, Rufina!

Small Steps, Malia. Small Steps.

Have you completed any of your small goals? What's YOUR next step to get to your real dream?

This lady is my new inspiration right now:

Not only did she run my 5K with me just for fun, she also just ran her SECOND half-marathon of the year this past Sunday in better time than her first! Being there at the La Jolla Half Marathon got me really pumped (also pretty intimidated) for the AFC in August!!