What a wild and crazy adventurous year 2012 has been for the Hagens, thank you for journeying with us and for praying for us.  We really are so grateful for everyone of you.
Thanks to blogging, this years Christmas letter is short.... we've tried our best to keep you updated on stories and pictures, so the news isn't really new, but there is one thing we haven't passed on yet:

If we'd gotten this out a little sooner, we probably would've received a few other Christmas cards in the mail, but alas, we did not. (Tried printing this on paint chips... but they wouldn't take the ink... Pinterest fail. So, posting it here instead.)

Feel free to drop a line anytime.... or stop by and see us! :)  New Jersey is really beautiful... no, really, we mean it.

Remember this? Come visit! ;)

The newest news is that Malia was just brought on permanently to the team at Benjamin Moore Paint (she has been a temp there for 3 months.)  A nice Christmas bonus that was for our family! We are hoping that means James time at Starbucks will be less and more time spent making music. YESS!!

Our dreams are coming true, only by the grace and blessings God is passing our way. He is incredible! It's such an honor serving Him.

Merry Christmas and love, joy and peace in your hearts,