We had such a wonderful weekend in Swakopmund, got to see the Atlantic Ocean from this side (and the southern hemisphere!) and got to visit the Namib Desert and scale the sand dunes there! What an amazing couple of days off.

We were so refreshed in our time with God, for some reason talking to God at the edge of the beach everything just seems so clear. We are pretty sure coastal life is the life for us when/if we return to the states. :)

God is renewing our sense of purpose in being here as well as for life after we return. James is jumping in at every worship opportunity that comes up and Malia is excited to continue teaching the students and doing discipleship with the staff. Please continue praying for all 19 of them, they are facing difficult family situations and there are 6 who have not yet made the decision to follow Christ, even though their excuses are all falling away.