...we move "back home" for the first time in around 4 years.

Our lease is ending next Saturday and...our house is a mess! It's so difficult living with no furniture and nothing to organize in. James would make fun of me for saying that, he knows what a big "compartment" person I am... the more the merrier!

It's just so unbelievable how much stuff people accumulate in such a short period of time... I keep realizing more and more how much more important people are than things. Everytime I think to myself, "There's probably a reason I should keep this," I also think to myself, "What would the Namibians think of all the junk I think is important. Would they think of me as a rich snob? Or incredibly blessed? Or just plain silly..." I'm sorting out my life and craigslisting/trashing as much as possible. Still I open a closet I had forgotten about and go, "Oh, no. It's full." How can I still have more stuff? Especially stuff I haven't used in a year and a half.

Then of course in our purging our apartment James told me there is no need to keep our old CDs we already have on our computer. I said, "I could just add them to the box I have at my parents..." He said that was silly and threw them away. Then I talked to Catherine today and she said, "The students at the cafe love our old CDs, if you have any you should bring them to give away." :) At least I still have a box at mom and dad's. :)

If you're interested in sending any of your old-and-don't-match-but-still-nice t-shirts, tennis shoes, or any old CDs, drop us an email and we'll see if we can get them from you to take with us!

Thanks for all the support!
James + Malia